Are Rashguards Chlorine Resistant?

Here at the Beach Depot this is a common question that we often get calls and emails about from customers.  The answer is yes, our rashguard shirts are designed to be chlorine resistant and withstand repeated use in a pool (or the ocean for that matter).


Whenever you use your rashguard in either salt water or chlorinated water we do recommend rinsing the swim shirt off with fresh water after each session.  Doing so will ensure your rashguard swim shirt will last for many seasons.  When salt or chlorinated water dries on a rashguard (and sits in a hot car all

 summer long) over time this can slowly begin to breakdown the lycra fabric. Rinsing with fresh water will keep your rashguard surf shirt looking and feeling great for many many uses to come.  I hope this post helped answer your questions.  Please feel free to contact us directly at  Thanks! The Beach Depot Rashguards


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