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Are Rashguards Chlorine Resistant?

Wednesday, October 21st, 2009

Here at the Beach Depot this is a common question that we often get calls and emails about from customers.  The answer is yes, our rashguard shirts are designed to be chlorine resistant and withstand repeated use in a pool (or the ocean for that matter).


Whenever you use your rashguard in either salt water or chlorinated water we do recommend rinsing the swim shirt off with fresh water after each session.  Doing so will ensure your rashguard swim shirt will last for many seasons.  When salt or chlorinated water dries on a rashguard (and sits in a hot car all

 summer long) over time this can slowly begin to breakdown the lycra fabric. Rinsing with fresh water will keep your rashguard surf shirt looking and feeling great for many many uses to come.  I hope this post helped answer your questions.  Please feel free to contact us directly at  Thanks! The Beach Depot Rashguards

Rashguard Shirt Giveaway!

Tuesday, October 13th, 2009

Who wants to win a free rashguard shirt?  Well here is your chance - Tell us your story!  The Beach Depot is announcing it’s first ever Rashguard Shirt Giveaway contest. 

We all have gotten bad sunburns at some point in our lives.  Who has a great story to share with us?  The person who has the most compelling story as to why they deserve a rashguard will win a free rashguard swim shirt of their choice from  The winner will be featured on our website.

Please send your submissions to by 10/31/09.  Feel free to email us with any questions regarding the Beach Depot Rashguard Giveaway.  In the meantime, don’t forget to wear sunscreen!

Rash Guards UV Index - Weekend

Saturday, November 22nd, 2008

Another low uv index weekend just about everywhere across the continental USA. If you are in Hawaii, Puerto Rico, California, or going somewhere tropical for vacation, now is the time to purchase your holiday rashguards from The Beach Depot!

It doesn't take much to burn!

It doesn't take a lot of sun to burn!

Rashguards - 11/18/08 UV Index for Rashguards

Tuesday, November 18th, 2008

A pretty mellow day across the USA accept in Florida, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico. Don’t forget to wear a rashguard swim shirt! Checkout The Beach Depot Rashguards at for all your holiday sun protection needs.

Also, be sure to check out My Surf DVDs for great stocking stuffers. Thanks - Justin

UV Rash Guards Index courtesy of The National Weather Service

UV Rash Guards Index courtesy of The National Weather Service

The Beach Depot on The Internets!

Sunday, November 16th, 2008

Geaorge W Bush loves rashguards!

Geaorge W Bush loves rashguards!

“The Beach depot is all over the internets!” says George W. Bush. “Wear rashguard shirts to the beach on our vacations to Hawaii? Yes, we can!” says Barack Obama. Yes, that’s right The Beach Depot can be found all over the www dot world.
Ezine articles has published our Beach Rashguards story, educating you on how to protect your skin with surf shirts. Also, check out The Sun Protection Survival Guide for tips on how to use a rashguard with other products to ensure total sun protection for you and your family. Summer Sun Safety is another oldie but goody with a ton of helpful information, as well as 101 Ways to Use a Rashguard. Our first and most controversial article Rash Guards in 2007 was subject to a vast right wing smear campaign funded by by “Big Sunscreen.”

We can be found on Hub Pages with Rashguards hubs. This is not to be confused with hubby pages that is a sight dedicated to husbands wearing rashguards. There is also an The Beach Depot page which you can get the lowdown on our site.

Another article site isnare has published our top story The Rashguard Phenomenon which addresses the strange occurance of gays and marines wearing these tight shirts to clubs. Well there you have it, our articles are spreading like Al Qaeda. Please send us a shout if you see us somewhere!



Rashguards - Stuff Your Holiday Stockings with Surfing Rashguards

Wednesday, November 12th, 2008

What present could be better than giving the gift of sun protection with a stylish and comfortable SPF 150+ rashguard from The Beach Depot Rashguards? This holiday season take advantage of our buy 2 or more rashguard shirts and get free shipping special!

Also, be sure to check out our sister store My Surf DVDS for other awesome stocking stuffers. The new Laird Hamilton dvd, “Waterman” was just released last month and is already one of our best selling videos to date. A fantastic movie to say the least! “Archy: Born to Ride” is another newby top seller.

Well, ho, ho , ho thanks for stopping by and have a great holiday shopping season! Below is the “Water Man” dvd trailer. Enjoy!



Rash Guards 101 - Tip # 1

Thursday, October 30th, 2008

The Beach Depot's first post of a weekly series of sun protection tips.  Subscribe to our feed for automatic updates!

The Beach Depot

The Beach Depot is proud to offer USA manufactured high quality SPF 150+ UV rash guards. Our online store and blog is intended to be your complete resource for sun protection. Subscribe to our RSS feed for weekly tips on sun protection, news and the latest information on our sites, and

Tip #1- A rashguard is a lycra shirt that provides total sun protection and is recommended strongly by dermatologists to be used in addition to sunscreen, sun glasses and hats to protect you and your family’s skin from getting sun burned.

Swim shirts and surf shirts are excellent for any water sport or outdoor activity as they are extremely breathable, do not absorb water, are athletic fitting, and provide superior comfort with flexibility. We offer a huge selection of colors, styles, and sizes from men’s, to women’s rashguards, kids, toddler, even XXL adults.

The ideal strategy would be to wear a rash guard shirt for coverage on your body and arms while caking the sun screen on your face, neck, ears, legs, feet, etc. A rashguard shirt does not wash off like sun screen and guarantees total coverage with no missing of spots on your back, or hard to reach places. We also strongly advise wearing sun glasses and hats, as the eyes and scalp are commonly neglected areas that get maximum sun exposure.

Thanks for checking out our first Rashguards 101 posting. For more useful information, please visit or subscribe to our RSS feed.