Rash Guard Buyer’s Guide and Sun Protection Tips

December 9th, 2009

The Beach Depot is proud to announce the launching of a number of new feautures to our online store this holiday season in order to better serve your shopping needs!
Do you need help determining which type of rash guard to buy this holiday season?   No sweat.  Checkout our brand new Rash Guard Buyers Guide for detailed information on sizes, styles, and construction of our swim shirts.
Would you like to know how we ship, or how to exchange items before you order? Take a look at our new FAQ - About Your Rash Guard Order section for all the information you could possibly need about our rash guards, ordering, returns/exchanges, and our company’s history.
Also new to the site is our “Sun Protection Tips and Info” Section. Here you will find the latest news plus helpful tips for protecting your skin from the sun using rash guard swim shirts. We are constantly adding new in depth articles to this section so be sure to come back to our site for the latest news on sun protection throughout 2010.
Our most current articles include Protecting Kids From Sun Burns, Martial Arts MMA Shirts, and Sun and Rash Protection For Kids. Thanks for stopping by - and don’t forget to buy rash guards this holiday shopping season!

Rash Guard Sun Protection - Wearing a Rash Guard

November 23rd, 2009

     Okay people, it is never too late to start protecting your skin.  This article discusses the benefits of using rash guards to prevent sunburn.  Especially when we are young, a nice tan seems much more important than worrying about getting skin cancer, or pre-mature sun damage.  Let’s face it, we all enjoy going to the beach or pool and laying out to get some color.  Unfortunately, this is hazardous to our health.  It is a goal at Beach Depot Rash Guards to to increase sun protection awareness for people of all ages through the use of rash guard swim shirts, sunblock, and sunglasses.  Below is a description of some ideas on how we can spread this message. 
     Wouldn’t it be nice in the future to have public service announcements (similar to the ones on tv with lifelong smokers talking out of a box), only instead of a smoker, a lifelong sun bather?  The commercial could feature a hideous looking woman (for character purposes we will call her Susan).  This woman Susan has years of sun exposure under her belt without the use of sun-protection clothing.  She has earned the nickname in her community of “leather wallet” and “The Raptosaur” due to her reptile-like skin reminiscent of alligators and iguanas.  Although she is only in her 50’s, Susan looks more like an archaelogical discovery from ancient Egypt than a middle-aged woman.  She is a walking advertisment for sun protection, and her face alone could start a global movement for avoiding the sun at all costs and living in the dark like a vampire.
  The commercials could work well in print media with her picture and the caption “Do you want to look like this at 55?  Don’t be a Susan, protect your skin today.”  T-shirts could be made spreading the motto “Don’t be a Susan!”
     If young people today became more aware of the fact long term sun exposure will cause pre-mature sun damage like it has done to Susan, protecting skin with   The issue will only become more important in the future.  Skin cancer incidents among people under 30 is becoming a much more common occurance due to a stronger sun and increasing uv levels across the globe.  It will be essential that sun protrection become a part of everybody’s routine when planning outdoor activities.  Increasing awareness now will definitely pay off later with a goal of reducing skin cancer rates over time. 
     The fact is that sun protection is quite simple.  Surfing rashguards shirts, swim shirts, and spf sun shirts are affordable and effective.  Sunscreens and sunglasses can very easily become a part of a person’s daily routine just like brushing or flossing.  Humans adapt to change.  Thanks for checking out these ideas.  Please send a comment with your feedback.

Are Rashguards Chlorine Resistant?

October 21st, 2009

Here at the Beach Depot this is a common question that we often get calls and emails about from customers.  The answer is yes, our rashguard shirts are designed to be chlorine resistant and withstand repeated use in a pool (or the ocean for that matter).


Whenever you use your rashguard in either salt water or chlorinated water we do recommend rinsing the swim shirt off with fresh water after each session.  Doing so will ensure your rashguard swim shirt will last for many seasons.  When salt or chlorinated water dries on a rashguard (and sits in a hot car all

 summer long) over time this can slowly begin to breakdown the lycra fabric. Rinsing with fresh water will keep your rashguard surf shirt looking and feeling great for many many uses to come.  I hope this post helped answer your questions.  Please feel free to contact us directly at babysoftproducts@yahoo.com.  Thanks! The Beach Depot Rashguards

Rashguard Shirt Giveaway!

October 13th, 2009

Who wants to win a free rashguard shirt?  Well here is your chance - Tell us your story!  The Beach Depot is announcing it’s first ever Rashguard Shirt Giveaway contest. 

We all have gotten bad sunburns at some point in our lives.  Who has a great story to share with us?  The person who has the most compelling story as to why they deserve a rashguard will win a free rashguard swim shirt of their choice from www.thebeachdepot.com.  The winner will be featured on our website.

Please send your submissions to babysoftproducts@yahoo.com by 10/31/09.  Feel free to email us with any questions regarding the Beach Depot Rashguard Giveaway.  In the meantime, don’t forget to wear sunscreen!

Rashguards for Spring Break!

March 14th, 2009

Spring break is here people.  Now is the time to take advantage of our free shipping and get your family protected from the sun with Beach Depot UPF 50+ Rashguard shirts.  We have rashguards for men, women, kids, and toddler swim shirts.  Our colors to choose from include black, carolina blue, navy, pink, charcoal grey, red, royal blue, and white rash guards.  Don’t be a victim to the “first burn syndrome.”  The sun is surprisingly strong this time of year which makes it that much more important to protect your pale skin with a rashguard on your Spring Break.  We are fully stocked and ship daily so you will get your rashguard surf shirt in no time!

Rash Guard Shirt Free Shipping Special!

February 11th, 2009

For a limited time only The Beach Depot is offering FREE standard domestic shipping on all orders.  Yes, you read that correctly, shipping is free on all rashguard swim shirts orders within the USA.  If you order one men’s rashguard shirt, shipping is zero dollars.  When you order a second surf shirt for your Mom shipping is still nada.

Why, you ask?  With the economy being as flat as surfing Florida’s Gulf Coast, why not?  Spring Break is just around the corner and people need to protect their skin from the harmful rays of the sun with our UPF 50+ rash guard shirts.  How long will this promotion last?  Not too long so get your rashguards now from The Beach Depot!

Buy Rash Guard Shirts This Holiday Season!

December 12th, 2008

"Buy Your Rash Guards from The Beach Depot Ohhhhh!!"

"Buy Your Rash Guards from The Beach Depot Ohhhhh!!"

Are you going away somewhere warm for the holidays?  The Beach Depot’s rashguard swim shirts make awesome stocking stuffers, and are a practical, economical, and essential gift for your loved ones.  Maybe you are jetting off to the Carribbean, Hawaii, or Australia?  If so, buy a rashguard swim shirt from us to protect your skinfrom getting burned while in the water.  We are fully stocked and ship daily from Texas!

Rash Guards UV Index - Weekend

November 22nd, 2008

Another low uv index weekend just about everywhere across the continental USA. If you are in Hawaii, Puerto Rico, California, or going somewhere tropical for vacation, now is the time to purchase your holiday rashguards from The Beach Depot!

It doesn't take much to burn!

It doesn't take a lot of sun to burn!

Rashguards - 11/18/08 UV Index for Rashguards

November 18th, 2008

A pretty mellow day across the USA accept in Florida, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico. Don’t forget to wear a rashguard swim shirt! Checkout The Beach Depot Rashguards at www.thebeachdepot.com for all your holiday sun protection needs.

Also, be sure to check out My Surf DVDs for great stocking stuffers. Thanks - Justin

UV Rash Guards Index courtesy of The National Weather Service

UV Rash Guards Index courtesy of The National Weather Service

The Beach Depot on The Internets!

November 16th, 2008

Geaorge W Bush loves rashguards!

Geaorge W Bush loves rashguards!

“The Beach depot is all over the internets!” says George W. Bush. “Wear rashguard shirts to the beach on our vacations to Hawaii? Yes, we can!” says Barack Obama. Yes, that’s right The Beach Depot can be found all over the www dot world.
Ezine articles has published our Beach Rashguards story, educating you on how to protect your skin with surf shirts. Also, check out The Sun Protection Survival Guide for tips on how to use a rashguard with other products to ensure total sun protection for you and your family. Summer Sun Safety is another oldie but goody with a ton of helpful information, as well as 101 Ways to Use a Rashguard. Our first and most controversial article Rash Guards in 2007 was subject to a vast right wing smear campaign funded by by “Big Sunscreen.”

We can be found on Hub Pages with Rashguards hubs. This is not to be confused with hubby pages that is a sight dedicated to husbands wearing rashguards. There is also an aboutus.com The Beach Depot page which you can get the lowdown on our site.

Another article site isnare has published our top story The Rashguard Phenomenon which addresses the strange occurance of gays and marines wearing these tight shirts to clubs. Well there you have it, our articles are spreading like Al Qaeda. Please send us a shout if you see us somewhere!



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